Zeiss Cirrus HD-OCT 5000 Advancing Smart OCT

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CIRRUS HD-OCT 5000 Advancing Smart OCT


NEW PanoMap Analysis Wide-field structural damage assessment for glaucoma

NEW PanoMapTM wide field analysis displays structural data for the entire posterior pole — RNFL, ONH, and GCA metrics show the extent of structural damage 

At-a-glance insight — A single analysis for integrated insights into early pathologies 

Backward-compatible — PanoMap uses existing Macular Cube and Optic Disc Cube scans to provide a wide-field view of the posterior pole without altering scan protocols

NEW Anterior Segment Premier Module from ZEISS

The first retinal OCT with full anterior chamber imaging and measurements

ChamberView image* — ChamberView provides an expansive 15.5 mm wide view of the entire anterior chamber with objective tools for measuring anterior segment ocular structures

HD Cornea Scan — 9 mm high-resolution scan, including versatile tools for measuring thickness of residual stromal bed, LASIK flap, and other corneal structures 

Pachymetry Map — 9 mm pachymetry map highlights corneal irregularities and identifies thinnest point for refractive surgery screening

NEW OCT Goniometry 

A non-contact method to help identify patients at risk of angle closure glaucoma 

Wide Angle-to-Angle scan and HD Angle Scan — Provide exquisite detail of the iridocorneal angle and include measurement tools for Angle Opening Distance (AOD500/750) and Trabecular Iris Space Area (TISA500/750) to quantify and track degree of angle closure

NEW Smart HD Scan Patterns 

Targeted visualizations of critical anatomy Automatic centering of scans ensures you see the fovea in each patient.

Details matter — Add flexible HD scans to your macular scanning protocol for an efficient visual assessment of macular status 

New Smart HD 1 Line scan — Captures and averages 100 b-scan images with automatic centering at the fovea or region of interest. The result is a brilliant image that simultaneously highlights detail in the vitreous, retina, and choroid. En Face VRI View En Face Mid-Retina View En Face IS/OS-Ellipsoid View En Face Choroid View 

Get it right the first time — Improves clinic flow by helping to eliminate rescans due to missed fovea

NEW Layer by Layer En Face Views 

Reveal what lies beneath the surface

VRI en face preset display: Epiretinal membrane (ERM) example where the dark areas indicate membrane detachment 

Mid-Retina en face preset display: Cystoid macular edema (CME) example with the hallmark flower petal pattern 

IS/OS-Ellipsoid en face preset display: Hydroxychloroquine toxicity example with the classic bull’s eye maculopathy 

Choroid en face preset display: Geographic Atrophy (GA) example where the bright regions highlight the RPE loss