Nidek NT-2000 Non-Contact Tonometer

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Nidek NT-2000 Non-Contact Tonometer

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The NIDEK NT-2000 Non-Contact Tonometer allows for a new level of ease and patient comfort. Its easy automatic alignment and measurement, combined with the "Soft Air" pulse control, ensures accurate measurements.

The NT-2000 is a non-contact tonometer to measure intraocular pressure by applanating the cornea of the patient’s eye using air pressure for early detection of glaucoma, post-operative care, and such in ophthalmology.

This instrument is comprised of the main unit, the measuring unit, and the base unit.  The former two units are on top of the base unit.  On the base unit, the chinrest and the printer are provided. On the main unit, the screen, the control panel and the joystick are provided.  On the measuring unit, the air-nozzle and the photo-sensor are provided.

  • Automatic Puff Control
  • IOP Measurement
  • Auto Alignment
  • Auto Measurement