Marco Deluxe Stand and Chair

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Deluxe Marco Stand and Chair

The industry’s standard in efficient, instrument-delivery systems just got a whole lot better. The new Marco Deluxe Stand combines a fresh, new updated appearance while embracing our traditional standards of performance, function and durability. Innovative features include a re-designed lower slit lamp arm with an integrated connection for the Ultra M-Series of slit lamps, and a modified Refractor arm & instrument pole that provides convenient routing of exposed cables. 


Enduring performance

Thanks to the high precision of manufacturing at Haag-Streit, the Goldmann applanation tonometer offers reliable performance over many years without the need for manufacturer maintenance. The tonometer provides reproducible results, contributing to the improved diagnosis and treatment of ophthalmic conditions.


Thanks to its sophisticated design and excellent optics, the BQ has become the standard for any advanced Slit lamp Bio-microscopy. The 5-step Galilean magnification changer gives the user a range of 6.3x all the way to 40x with steps in between of 10x, 16x and 25x. The high light transmission and optical quality, together with the large ocular field of view, ensure a superb clinical view and allow for a more comfortable examination. A wide range of accessories can be added to the BQ Slit Lamp, such as the Inclined Adapter and Stereo Variator.