Keeler AllPupil Wired Indirect Ophthalmoscope BIO

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Keeler AllPupil Wired Indirect Ophthalmoscope BIO

Since 1957,  our first binocular indirect ophthalmoscope, Keeler has developed a reputation as the innovator in the development and manufacture of indirect ophthalmoscopes. 2003 was no exception and saw the introduction of the first Keeler "Wireless" indirect ophthalmoscope available on our All Pupil or Vantage models.

Go Wireless gives you the freedom to move from room to room without any constraints - No more wires, cords, tangles, just a lightweight, well balanced, comfortable indirect ophthalmoscope.

Discover the benefits of Keeler indirect ophthalmoscopes!

Clear, sharp images - enclosed KeeView Optics™
All Keeler indirect optics are specially coated and individually laser aligned to provide the sharpest clearest images every time you use your indirect, time after time, after time.

Comfort and balance
Lightweight materials are used throughout the design of each unit; combined with soft cushioning and a non slip contoured shaped headband to maximize comfort and balance. These features will be particularly appreciated during long examinations.

Easy fit push in/pull out bulbs
Keeler indirects have been designed to ensure optimal performance. Bulbs are easily accessible and quick to change during surgical procedures, if your bulb should blow, our quick fit design ensures you won't be without it for very long.