Bausch & Lomb Phaco Stellaris Vision Enhancement System

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Stellaris Vision Enhancement System


The Premium Platform For Advanced Lens Surgery

The Stellaris Vision Enhancement System is designed to complement your surgical technique and exceed your patient's expectations. It enables sub-2 mm lens surgery through a flexible, hybrid approach to fluidics and advanced, ultra-efficient cutting dynamics.

Fluidics control and cutting efficiency for successful MICS Phaco

  • Potential Clinical Advantages of 1.8mm MICS
    • Increased wound sealability
    • Reduction in endothelial cell loss
    • Reduction in surgically induced astigmatism
    • More rapid visual recovery

  • StableChamber Fluidics
    • Unsurpassed safety, efficiency, and predictability for solid chamber stability throughout the procedure
    • Customize based on your fluidics preference, choosing either flow or vacuum control

  • Attune Energy Management System delivering efficient cataract removal with minimal energy
    • The six-crystal Attune Handpiece delivers optimized 28.5 kHz frequency for consistent power delivery and increased stroke length.
    • Attune Advanced Software, including Dual Linear Control, Front/Back Loading Profile Control & Programmable Waveform Modulation enhances followability, reduces heat generation and increases phaco efficiency.

  • Ease of Use
    • Transition to 1.8mm MICS with no change of your phaco technique (C-MICS and B-MICS)
    • Bluetooth Footpedal, 18" User Interface, Video Inlay and Overlay, eases transition to a new phaco platform