Alcon Constellation Vision System Phaco Vitrectomy

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The Alcon CONSTELLATION Vision System delivers an exceptional level of performance through its advanced technologies, allowing our surgeons to treat eye conditions that may have once been considered untreatable. Our surgeons are now able to utilize completely new approaches in microincision surgery and perform the latest techniques in vitreoretinal surgery. This marks a new area in retinal surgery and further demonstrates the AIO tradition of providing the very best and latest technology to patients.

Recognized as the world’s best machine for 23G and 25G vitreoretinal surgery, the constellation Vision System combines advancements in high speed cutting, intraocular pressure control, illumination, laser and other features allowing for more surgeon control during retinal surgery. The Constellation has combined capabilities to perform advanced sutureless vitrectomy/retinal surgery and retinal lasers with endo-laser facility for diabetic retinopathy and managing complicated retinal detachment cases. The advancement of lSG sutureless vitreoretinal surgery provides a faster recovery time for the patient and has significantly reduced the time needed for the procedure.

Vitreoretinal surgery requires extraordinarily precise movements by surgeons to reduce risks and complications and effectively treat retinal conditions. In combination with the high level of experience and skill embodied by our team of retinal specialists, we are proud to now employ the use of the most advanced surgical instrumentation available in the field of retinal eye surgery.

The Constellation Vision System represents a significant advancement in the application of new techniques for treating diabetic retinopathy and retinal detachment cases. Find out if it is right for you